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  1. It's Something Different

It’s not just your average necklace or bracelet.
This year you can say, “I looked a little longer,” because you deserve something different, just for being the amazing person you are. With our exclusive designs that can style anything from your hair to your toes, it’s easy to find that something different.

  1. It's a Secret Affair 

Our Lingerie Necklaces - designed with a secret, non-piercing, comfortable and secure nipple noose - allows what would seem like a normal necklace at dinner to become a seductive secret you and your partner share over a private dessert.

  1. It speaks volumes without saying a word

No more need to have those awkward under the cover moments, or to be dropping cheesy hints all day long. Simply putting on a Lingerie Necklace while you’re making him dinner will tell him all he needs to know.

  1. It highlights what HE loves about YOUR body

He loves your legs, so show them off with our seductive Leg Chains.
He adores you collar bones, why not highlight them with our Layered Necklaces?
He worships your feet, so dazzle him with our stylish Foot Chains.
He loves your Hair, so accessorise it with our exclusive Hair Extension Chains.

  1. It's 50 Shades

Our #NightRange gives everyday women an opportunity to explore new, sensual things that are not permanent or extreme; allowing you to gracefully explore the world of 50 Shades. Our Lingerie Collection is a sexy, elegant, sophisticated take on classical Grecian ornaments which were used to adorn Roman Sirens and Greek Goddesses. It's the perfect opportunity to discover your inner goddess.

  1. He won't complain that you've swiped the card

It's not just jewellery for you, it’s for him too!
You know he’ll be getting something out of it when you wear your Drizzle by Night accessories.

  1. It's not just for a day

We all know that Valentine’s Day is about the delicious chocolates, the heart-shaped balloons and the fancy dinner dates. But the chocolates go to the hips, the hearts soon deflate and the dinner - as romantic and memorable as it may be - is intangible after the Fourteenth. Your jewellery, however, can be worn every day with our Drizzle by Day Collections and every night with our Drizzle by Night Collections.

  1. It's Affordably Affectionate

We all want to spoil our loved ones with MANY extraordinary gifts and surprises. Those delicious chocolates and that romantic dinner we were talking about are great; but let’s be real, the cost does add up. That’s why our affordable price tags are tailored to meet even the smallest of budgets so that you can still spoil her without compromising on all the affectionate trimmings.

  1. It's Playfully Passionate

Keeping things playful, light-hearted and interesting is never an easy task. Especially when you’ve been together for many years.
A piece of jewellery that offers all three is a passionate investment that won’t end up sitting in the drawer like all the other toys you’ve bought before. She can turn her handcuffs into bracelets and walk right out the front door. 

  1. Sensually Safe

We know that in the most sensual moments, safety is often a priority. So why should it be any different with our jewellery?

All our jewellery is made from non-allergenic metal alloys with a 9ct Gold plating or a Rhodium finish. Our non-piercing nooses are made from medical grade surgical rubber, that way there won’t be any “Sex sent me to the ER" moments.

 11. Y-O-L-O

Life is short. So, if you can, and when you can, why not.  We all know how beautiful an afternoon drizzle can be. So get that beautiful Drizzle you’d love to wear every afternoon.

  1. It's all about "Spreading the Love"

We pride ourselves on being local and Proudly South African.
Our chains, stones and textured fabrics are all sourced locally and then hand-made with love. There is nothing like being able to offer job opportunities to our local creatives, so let's keep creating a demand for gorgeous Drizzles that help spread the love to our local creatives. 

  1. Delivered with love

In today’s world where everything has been optimised for speed and convenience, we’ve lost touch with the meaning and personality behind gifts.  We bring back soul into your online deliveries by adding your personalised messages into your gifts because we believe that it’s all in the finer details.

 P. S.

  1. If you're Single

 You deserve to spoil yourself with jewellery like no other in your jewellery box. If you're in the mood to hit the town with your girlfriends, nothing will say single, sexy, secure and stylish like being drizzled by Drizzle.