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  1. Couch Potato By Night:

The inspiration behind the brand's first range, "Drizzle's by Night Collection", came to life when the designers watched the 2010 Roman series Spartacus "Blood and Sand". Whoever said that watching TV doesn't inspire innovative ideas, hasn't watched a good series. 
  1. Ice-Cream Inspiration By Day:

Who doesn't love a delicious ice cream, especially Magnums Pink Pomegranate and Black Espresso Flavors? After seeing the 2014 Magnum advert the designers captured the essence of the ad by conceptualizing the "Bad Girl Black Espresso" as Drizzle's by Night Collection and introducing the "Good Girl Pink Pomegranate" as their by Day Collection.  
  1. Drizzle - The Name In the making: 

The name was thought up by the brand's female designer, who wanted a name that perfectly described the products and the brand in one simple and elegant word.
After much thought, she recalled the movie “How to lose a guy in 10 days” with Mathew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. McConaughey, in the movie, hosted a “Frost Yourself” event for a diamond gala.
At that moment, the Drizzle founder found inspiration in the slogan “Frost Yourself” and recreated it to be “Drizzle Yourself” and “Be Drizzled”, and so that perfect, elegant one word she had been looking for became Drizzle as we know it today.
  1. Moneyless Musicians - Founded By A Creative Couple:

The two founders and designers of Drizzle are a creative couple who met in 2010 while studying. The Irony of it all is that neither was studying jewellery design but majoring in Contemporary Music.
It is said that “Music Unlocks Self-expression, Intelligence, and Creativity.
In the designer’s case, it unlocked a whole new brand of self-expression.
  1. “To build a successful business you must start small and dream big” ~ Aliko Dangote:

Starting the brand with R5000 seemed virtually impossible, insanely stupid and desperately frightening, but fours years later, oh how we have grown and evolved. Although Drizzle is still considered small in the grander scheme of the business world, “Darlings we're still dreaming BIG.”
  1. Whoever said a man doesn't know what a woman wants:

Drizzle's top-selling accessory, the Hair Extension Chain, was created by the brand's male designer. His beloved partner in crime initially disliked and rejected the idea completely. Quoting her words "Who would want to wear that in their hair?" The answer to that two years later is thousands of women around SA who have fallen in love with and bought their very own Hair Chain. 
  1. “When you want something done right do it yourself” ~ Charles-Guillaume Etienne: 

The founders of the brand have truly taken this quote to heart. Not only have they focused their attention on creating exclusively unique jewellery but took complete creative control in designing the brand's company logo, website and single handy conceptualized, branded, photographed, edited, marketed, and sold their products to date.
  1. Bathroom Breaks:

Did you know that Drizzles first product shots for their night range were photographed by the designers on their bathroom floor with a white piece of paper, two-bed side lamps, a mirror, an iPhone 4 and nothing more?
The fascinating result of this was that a week later a larger jewellery company who had just spent thousands of rands photographing their products asked them to photograph their next range as the quality of the photos the designer took were of the same quality as their professional photos.
  1. Model Madness:

A fun fact about one of the regular Drizzle models is that she, too, is one of the founders and designers of the brand.
It was never the designer's intention to be a full-time model of the brand, but after various marketing and branding companies reviewed their initial strategy, their conclusion was that this showed the market how authentic the brand is.
Some of the other models involved in their shoots are close to the designer’s heart, one of them being her lifetime bestie and her gorgeous sister.
  1. Photo Frenzy:

With Drizzle's designers being true creatives, they pride themselves on inspiring, motivating and showcasing other people's creative talents, gifts, and artistic abilities. Thus, 80% of Drizzle's Instagram photos were photographed by one of the founder's 15-year-old sister.
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Quote: “If you want something done right do it yourself”
Quote: “To build a successful business you must start small and dream big”