Give your hair some Spirit.

Any of our regular customers know that the Hair Extension Chains are our signature product. 
These chains are incredibly fashionable and versatile. You can use them with almost any hairstyle - be it a bun, a pony, a braid or just loose in the hair.
What makes them truly unique is that nobody else in the world makes Hair Extension Chains like Drizzle Jewellery do. We handmake them with a top of the range, customised clip and attach the chains in our signature style, ensuring that these Hair Chains never fall out, tangle or damage the hair, allowing you then to have the full creative freedom to style as you please.
Our Spirit Collection introduces two exciting new designs, our Hair Chain Sets, as seen in the pictures below. They are an even more versatile take on our Hair Chains. 

Our sets are joined by some unique additions to our current Hair Extension Collection.
Smoke, our longest hair chain to date, is our first beaded masterpiece and has proven to be a popular seller on all our platforms.


Spirit, the namesake of this year's collection, embodies the American Indian inspirations present in our designs.




Gravity, a simplistic yet chic design, features circular pendants which flow elegantly down the hair.  


So get into the Spirit and go Boho with these new Drizzle designs.

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