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  Those happy days of chilling by the pool and tanning on the beach are some of our favs. But the question is, ‘How do we do it in style?’.

So, in the spirit of summer, here are our top ten styling tips for Body and Hair Jewellery looks.


Hair rings are perfect for your summer hair necessities, being easy to apply and resulting in a magical look.
Maybe there was a time when simple plaits were exciting but those times have long passed. Now you can use them to spice up your summer plaits, giving you a trendy boho vibe.
A model dressed in a boho-chic denim jacket sports hair-rings on a single plait that runs down her long brown hair.
"Boho Babe"
If you're not a boho babe, but rather a simply chic chick, we cater to your style needs. Be it for everyday styling or a wanderlust wedding look the hair ring is an all-around perfect hair bling thing.
"Simply Chic Kinda Chic"
"Wanderlust Wedding Braid"

Hair Chains

Our signature product, the Hair Chain is made for summer. Available with one, three and five chains, these unique and exclusive creations are ideal for every Summer setting.

Ear Cuffs

Typically the ear cuff has been a clip-on accessory which sometimes goes through a piercing. 
We do things differently. Our ear cuffs don't go through any piercings. They slip onto the ear, allowing you to add on to and rock your current piercings.
"The Rayne Droplette Look"
Absolutely Gorge for all the ladies that love chic and elegant lines. 
The style options with our Ear Cuffs are endless, These are perfect for all sorts of settings, from summer in the less rigid workplace to summer festivals.
"Pixie Festival Vibes"
These are perfect for all sorts of fashion fanatics, from the Pixie Boho Festival goers to the artistic spirits and the graceful girls.

Shoulder Chains

Shoulder Chains are pieces for the more adventurous. 
These multi-functional works of art allow you to accessorize your arm and shoulder with those strapless summer outfits. Not feeling so adventurous today? Well, good thing you can also use them as necklaces

Body Chains

 Body Chains have become known as "THE" Summer and Poolside accessory. However, not only do they pair well with cocktail vibes but stunningly lend themselves to the professional suit wear for a cleaner more, refined looks.


Hand Chains

A perfect accompaniment to any of our other body jewellery designs, or a delicate standalone style statement.
The Hand Chain adds a touch of cheeky zest to all your summer looks.


Boho Beautiful is what we'd say Foot Chains stand for.

"Boho Vibes"

Our Foot Chains wrap around your middle toe and cover the foot in a range of exquisite designs, looking super trendy when styled in these, and many other, ways:
Barefoot on the beach
Posing by the Pool
Fashion your flip-flops
Heat up your high heels
"Chic Wedding Vibes"

Leg Chains

Leg chains excel at lavishing your legs with the latest layered look for the ultimate Sizzling Summer Statement.
The diversity that these daring designs deliver is delightful.
The chains are designed to drizzle from a dainty garter providing a truly exclusive take on the traditional wedding garter.