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Did You Know These 10 Fun Facts About Drizzle?

  Couch Potato By Night: The inspiration behind the brand's first range, "Drizzle's by Night Collection", came to life when the designers watched the 2010 Roman series Spartacus "Blood and Sand". Whoever said that watching TV doesn't inspire innovative ideas, hasn't watched a good series.    Ice-Cream Inspiration By Day: Who doesn't love a delicious ice cream, especially Magnums Pink Pomegranate and Black Espresso Flavors? After seeing the 2014 Magnum advert the designers captured the essence of the ad by conceptualizing the "Bad Girl Black Espresso" as Drizzle's by Night Collection and introducing the "Good Girl Pink Pomegranate" as their by Day Collection.   Drizzle - The Name In the making:  The name was thought up by the brand's female designer, who...

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14 Reasons to be Drizzled this Valentines Day

It’s not just your average necklace or bracelet. This year you can say, “I looked a little longer,” because you deserve something different, just for being the amazing person you are. With our exclusive designs that can style anything from your hair to your toes, it’s easy to find that something different.

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Give your hair some Spirit.

Any of our customers who have met us at a market will know that the hair extension chain is our signature product.  The chains are incredibly fashionable and versatile. You can use them with almost any hairstyle - be it a bun, a pony, a braid, or any other number of things. 

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