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14 Reasons to be Drizzled this Valentines Day

It’s not just your average necklace or bracelet. This year you can say, “I looked a little longer,” because you deserve something different, just for being the amazing person you are. With our exclusive designs that can style anything from your hair to your toes, it’s easy to find that something different.

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A Journey through the Spirit, 2017

Our 2017/18 Spirit Collection aims to be something more than just jewellery that satisfies the ego but rather contributes to touching the essence of your spirit.   Each year of the 21st century has seen an unprecedented amount of change in the world. As a result, our lives have become far more complicated, with more demands on our time than ever before. When designing this collection, we kept this complex and demanding world front of mind. We set out to challenge the stressful status-quo of modern living and ended up conceiving of a range planted firmly in the core elements of the world of nature. Iconic symbols such as the sun, the moon and feathers represent the calming, centring energy of the...

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