Drizzle Jewellery, established in 2014 is a vibrant company situated in the heart of Johannesburg.

The Proudly South African brand has been designed by two owners who are creatives at heart. Having come from qualified musical backgrounds and other artistic fields, naturally, they found a love for designing jewellery and a passion for creating all things eccentric and a little bit different.

Pushing the boundaries of conventional jewellery, the designers perfect every intimate detail of their designs before having them handcrafted at a local manufacturing division in Sandton.


All customers who purchase our handmade treasures fall under our family umbrella, making them the centre of our universe. Our heavenly designs are distinct from other traditional jewellery accessories, giving us the opportunity to honour our customers with indispensable additions to their fashion wear.

Our elaborate designs are inspired by the rich culture of ancient traditions. Our products are made from combinations of original chain work, pendants, crystals, and fabrics to create the perfect architectural and artistic designs.

Not only are our products seductive, but also durable in offering a luxurious and worthwhile experience. We wish to contribute to your freedom of expression, by bringing you fashion through stylish designs, comfort and convenience.

The umbrella is a clear example of how a simple accessory can hold such significant value.Like the umbrella, an accessory is not just an inanimate object, quite the opposite; it tells a story – your story. It is essential we acknowledge the significance that these “little things” give us because without them we would not be who we are.

“No one of importance ever held their own umbrella, 
So we will hold yours for you."