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What is your Jewellery made from and is it Non-Allergenic?

All of our products are made from top quality non-allergenic metal alloys and are plated in a 9ct Gold and Silver Bronze, using state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing a high-quality finish.
Our products are designed to be as safe as possible for sensitive skins. However, each person’s skin reacts differently, not only to the metals but to the combinations of the metals alongside other chemicals such as deodorants, shampoo’s, perfumes, body lotions, hair sprays, water, and lubricates. Thus, Drizzle cannot be held liable if any reactions occur.

My Jewellery doesn't fit, can you please re-size it for me?

Most of our designs are adjustable and a one size fits most. However the world is filled with so many beautiful shapes and size, so if your piece doesn't honor your figure, send us an email at so that we can arrange to have your adjustments made. Please refer to our Return Policy for further information.

How will I know that you have received my order?

 After completing you purchase you will receive an order confirmation email with your tracking code. If you didn't receive an email from us, please check your spam folder and add our details to your mailing list to prevent this happening with your future orders or feel free to contact us to confirm we have received your order.

Can I cancel my order?

After placing your order, we are unable to cancel or amend items in your order. Please make sure all items and details are correct prior to checking out.
If any delivery details are incorrect please notify us asap so we can make the necessary changes prior to dispatching your order. If your order has already been dispatched we, unfortunately, will not cover the additional return shipping costs to get the product back to us and then resend it to the correct address.

Why was my order cancelled?

On the rare occasion that your order is cancelled due to an item suddenly being out of stock, we will notify you and refund or credit your order in full. If only part of your order was cancelled we will deliver the items still available and credit the item that is out of stock.

Can I add more products to my order?

After placing your order you will not be able to add additional items to this same order, simply place another order and contact us to see if we have dispatched your previous order. If your original order has not yet been dispatched we will send both orders out in the same delivery and credit you for one of the delivery fees charged at the checkout, or give you a free shipping discount code. 

 Can I track my order?

Definitely! Clicking on the link below will take you to our courier's tracking page, type in the tracking number you received from us via email, and you'll be able to track your order.


Alternatively, you can send an email to and we will track your order for you.  

Can I return or replace my piece? 

Please refer to our Return Policy by clicking on the link below:

 What Payment Methods do you accept?

Can I have my own piece designed?

We offer all you creative Bees the opportunity to design your own pieces.
Due to the exclusive and delicate nature in designing custom pieces, a design fee will be charged over and above the cost of the finished product.
Custom designs may not be cancelled, credited, replaced or exchanged.
Custom designs may take up to 1 month to manufacture.

Can I have my Jewellery re-plated?

 We understand that all things mature with age.
However they can age with grace, therefore, if you’re Drizzle has worn due to excessive wear, send it into us to be re-plated.
We do charge a fee for this service which will be provided at your own cost.

Do you work with Designers, Retailers and Bloggers?

Without a doubt! 
We love to collaborate with other creatives.
 Please email us at

How do I put on?

Hair Chains: Our Hair Chains work with snap clips. Open the clip by pressing on either side, slide the clip UP under the hair. Hiding the clip. 
Ear Cuffs: Move all hair from behind the ear, (Hair under the cuff will lift the cuff) and hook the Cuff around the back of the ear.  
Shoulder Chains: Place the piece against the shoulder, and fasten the chain with the clasp under the arm and to the extender chain on the opposite side.
Leg Chains: Our Leg Chains work with a black stretch garter, you have to split the chains evenly and step through the garter. Pull the garter up to desired height.
Lingerie Jewellery: Our Drizzles, Drapes and Necklaces work with a non piercing noose system. Place the loop over the erect nipple and slide the slider up to fasten.